For Samuel Oshana, Florida Real Estate is a Great Investment

Over the course of his long career as an investment advisor and real estate mogul, Samuel Oshana can boast of significant success in a number of business sectors. He has also shown a lot of skill in both New York and Florida when it comes to navigating the choppy investment waters. In many years as an investment professional, Sam has always demonstrated an ability to make clients the best possible return on any investment. He seems to have a unique ability to start up a brand new company and lead it into a very successful place.

One of Samuel Oshana’s best examples- at least, the one he most likes to talk about – has to be his role as a key player in the startup of merchant payment processor Apex Data Systems, along with his leadership in growing that company to the point that he was able to sell it at a great price, meaning an excellent return on investment. Now, he is using his recently obtained real estate brokerage license to find the best real estate bargains, so he can restore them to their former glory and re-sell them for the best possible price.

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